Based on the imported advanced equipment and top filter media, we design new generation Apureda filters with our rich testing data, the

innovation of filter element structure and filter media allocation. At the same working condition, the service life of Apureda filters is 2 times longer

than normal filter elements.

Pleated Plus Wrapped Structure

MinOCO Air oil separators are made with innovated technology of pleated plus wrapped structure with imported premium quality media.

It will increase the separation capacity and service life. MinOCO separator minimizes oil carry over and extend service life under the same

condition. The service life can be up to 8000-12000 hours



Oil residual After Separation: ≤ 2PPM

Working Temperature:<120℃

Initial Differential Pressure:≤0.02Mpa

Service Life: 8000-12000 hours (Standard Pressure and Working Conditions)

Installation: Vertical, horizontal

Air Flow: Inlet, Outlet

Invention Patent


Max. Service Life: